Geboren 1963 in Mexiko-Stadt, Mexiko
Lebt und arbeitet in Mexiko-Stadt, Mexiko


Betsabeé Romero

Cars and their significance are central to the investigations of Mexico City-based artist Betsabeé Romero. Mexico is home to a car culture, with vehicles embodying many notions of independence, masculinity and financial status, just as they do in other cultures. The country’s economic situation, however, makes it impossible for most people to trade in their cars every few years and replace them with newer models. Instead, families and communities keep their cars for longer. They consequently take on more and more meaning as more and more stories and experiences are associated with them. The artworks of Romero engage this cultural phenomenon in various ways, at times seeking to draw out the unconscious of existing cars or to use cars and components to stimulate the creation of new narratives within specific contexts.

Betsabeé Romero’s on-going engagement with automobiles began in 1997 with the Ayate Car. Invited to participate in inSITE97, a public art project that commissions works for the San Diego-Tijuana border region, Romero presented a 1955 Ford Victoria covered with textured canvas and oil-painted flowers. The interior of the car was filled with 10,000 dried roses, and the vehicle was positioned on the Mexican side of the US-Mexico border fence, in the neighborhood of Colonia Libertad.

Colonia Libertad is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Tijuana and known for its resistance to the pressures of the US Border patrol who monitor the fence in front of these homes. It first came into the political consciousness in the 1950s, referenced in this piece through the use of a car from this period. The form of the Ayate Car also references the male-dominated low-rider culture that originated in this area, while its flowers and allusions to the Virgin Mary “feminize” this car culture.

Through the symbolism of its form, decoration and position at the border fence in Colonia Libertad, the Ayate Car came to represent a devotional offering requesting a miracle. It speaks of the experience of Mexicans crossing the border with their “flowers”—i.e. the beauty of their cultural traditions and personal aspirations—and being rejected by North American culture. In the face of the apparently unchangeable socio-political reality of the US-Mexican border, it represents the desire for divine intervention to resolve the situation. Driven into the sand, the car appears to have been thrown over the border fence, back into Mexico, where it came from—an offering rejected, symbolic of a miracle never achieved.

The process of creating the Ayate Car had a strong impact on Romero’s practice. After moving outside of the studio and collaborating directly with the people living in Colonia Libertad, she set about actively incorporating the community into the production of many of her subsequent artworks. It is a way of working she has since pursued in diverse parts of the world, starting a series of studio-based pieces that explore the use of individual car parts and then offering reinterpretations, continually seeking, within her increasingly diverse projects, to meld populist and art historical references with the contemporary icon of the automobile.

Tobias Ostrander

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