Born in 1957 in Montevideo, Uruguay
Lives and works in New York, USA


Marco Maggi

Marco Maggi makes silence visible. His strategy is to encourage viewers to spontaneously slow down, observe for a prolonged period, and uncover almost invisible nuances of shades and shapes in his works, while simultaneously taking the time to experience the tranquility and their perception of themselves.

The installation Hotbed can be described as a miniature monument made of 49 letter-size stacks of paper topped with delicate cutouts and folds. Projected oversize onto a wall or as a moving image on the screen, Hotbed would overwhelm spectators, appearing as a giant utopian cityscape whose monumental minimalist blocks are crowned with exquisite triangles, squares, circles, and various twists that could be mistaken for architectural and sculptural forms in concrete and steel.

Instead, viewers bend down, to absorb and enjoy the tranquility of the miniature, delicately cut-out shapes in the stillness of the white gallery. This work may call to mind a utopian plan or a map of an unknown site–not as a vision of the future but rather as a visualization conveying sensory communication. Delineated by a series if individual stacks of 500 white sheets of paper placed neatly one beside the other at 5 cm intervals to form a grid, Hotbed occupies a moderately sized space of approx. 180 x 240 cm. Its glowing energy gently halts the audience and invites them to contemplate the paper micro-sculptures.

The qualities Maggi upholds are those of aesthetic and ethical silence in art as opposed to the assault of present-day visual and auditory contamination. Maggi says that the more his work is surrounded by negativity, darkness, and the chaos of the world, the more it becomes expectant with silence. In an age obsessed with instant messaging, live events that flood social spaces, the supremacy of the audiovisual, and the speed of modern-day life, Maggi brings to our attention the need for process and contemplation, the desire for intimacy and interval. He sees the public’s interaction with his pieces as a “beautiful performance” in which his work becomes “behavior collector.”

Marco Maggi uses simple means of expression: he makes marks on paper, apples, zinc, woodblocks, silk, aluminum, photographic slides, plastic, and other materials using a knife. Yet his intention is to communicate ideas that are ultimately about—and in opposition to—the complexity of our contemporary technology-dominated existence. He is set on slowing down the process of discerning the significant from the superfluous and invites us to become a creative part of the intense and pure phenomenological experience.

Milena Kalinovska

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