Fabian Marcaccio: Paintant Stories
Daros Museum, Zürich, Switzerland

Born in Argentina in 1963 and living in New York since 1985, Fabian Marcaccio, attempts to redefine painting by using modern techniques to extend its parameters in time and space.

Paintant Stories is exceptional in every way: its universal panorama of contemporary existence, with all its contradictions and conflicts, unfolds over approximately 100 meters, presenting the human condition as a network of discontinuities frozen at a single moment in time. Plunged into a series of microcosms and macrocosms, the viewer is exposed simultaneously to infinity and fragmentation, chaos and order, the concrete and the abstract. Wide-ranging allusions and associations constantly capture our attention, leaving us unable to grasp this multifaceted work in its entirety.

Curator: Hans-Michael Herzog

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