The Daros-Latinamerica Tapes. Videos from the Daros-Latinamerica Collection
Huis Marseille, Museum voor Fotografie, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Huis Marseille showed videos by artists such as Juan Carlos Alom (Cuba), Raúl Cordero (Cuba), Juan Manuel Echavarría (Colombia), Oscar Muñoz (Colombia), Liliana Porter (Argentina, now living in the USA), Lázaro Saavedra (Cuba), and Martín Sastre (Uruguay, now living in Spain).

Although these artists come from different countries and backgrounds, an unmistakable social and political engagement with their native land is a recurring theme in their work. Rather than reportage, the photographic eye in Latin American countries focuses on the daily tensions of an extreme and complicated society. The medium of video, used here as a kind of photo-camera-with-a-longer-breath, seems better suited to presenting such situations than the static photograph alone.

Kuratoren: Saskia Asser, Els Barents