Al calor del pensamiento. Obras de la Daros Latinamerica Collection / Works from the Daros Latinamerica Collection
Sala de Arte Santander. Exposiciones Boadilla. Fundación Banco Santander, Madrid, Spain

Al calor del pensamiento (In the Heat of Thought) was an invitation to an encounter with contemporary art that does more than get us thinking: it is a veritable challenge to the senses. The 22 artists’ works from the Daros Latinamerica Collection command the viewer’s attention in various ways, yet all strive equally to provoke a stimulating dialogue with the public.

Created during the last 40 years, the individual pieces and groups of works offer a wide range of interpretive possibilities, spotlighting the broad spectrum of viewpoints underlying contemporary Latin American art. The issues they address are far from random or arbitrary and include visual art’s potential for signification, political and social realities, and modes of cognition and perception. Though protean, the formal solutions proposed by these artists are never merely contingent; far more, they achieve an internal coherence of form and content, and an impact that knows no geographical boundaries – thus reflecting the deliberate strategy of the Daros Latinamerica Collection.

The exhibition focused on the work of art and its viewer as they entered into a thought-provoking, gripping and passionate dialogue.

Curators: Katrin Steffen, Käthe Walser